That’s her life 💔

That’s her life 💔

◆Could u live her life?◆

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Tell the story of a desperate girl in the town

She doesn’t want to live neither die

Tears tears falling down

She just want to disappear that’s all

She doesn’t have any hope She doesn’t live at all

She just can smile a big fake one

All days pass by hidden screams

All night pass by tears on her eyes


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No one saw her pains

No friends and no one

They just can laugh without seeing she dies

She just wanted to live was it too much?

Not just breathing, she asked for a life like a real one

She rather silent instead of talk

Maybe it is cz no one will cares

How she is living

How it’s going on

They just can laugh cz she is fun

Yea she is fun in front of all

Cz she knows no one will care that’s all


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You say it’s ok, u will be fine

Did u feel her pain could u live her life?

No u didn’t, then stop saying it will end be strong

Did u saw her life ,or how it’s going on?

No then stop saying u didn’t try enough

She tried so many times, she lost every time she tried

She is just tired of losing every time


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It will never end

This pain will be eternal

She can never sleep even for one simple night

She saw nightmares

She have fears

She can’t live a life

She’s dead inside

She just want to go to somewhere in this world

there will be no one to hurt her all the time

Tired of this world

Tired of this pains

She just wish for end

That’s her life


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Yes…That’s Her Life


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